Government partners

MIND is supported by government partners in two primary ways: research partners and sponsors.

Research partners
MIND's research partners are the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). NIST has proposed support in metrology and characterization using its world class instrumentation. ANL has offered the use of its research facilities for measurement. Both institutions are interested in research collaboration and are receptive to hosting students during "extended stay" collaborative engagements. Funding has been allocated in the MIND budget to support these collaborative engagements.

NIST contact
David Seiler
Chief, Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division

Argonne contact
Amanda Petford-Long
Director, Center for Nanoscale Materials

MIND sponsors are the state of Indiana and the city of South Bend (Indiana). The state of Indiana has provided $12 million to the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University to further MIND research. South Bend has committed $1 million to the MIND research efforts.